In 2010 the Ontario Government passed into law Bill 168 which requires employers to adopt policies with regard to violence and harassment in the workplace. Churches and ministries are not exempt from this requirement. Ministry Personnel, secretaries, custodians, music directors, and anyone else employed by your Pastoral Charge or ministry are protected by this Bill. This means that YOUR CHURCH AND/OR MINISTRY needs to have a published policy and know what steps to take if you receive a complaint. Hamilton Conference believes that discussion of these issues in every church setting will help prevent future conflict within the church. These policies, when upheld by all employees, volunteers, governing bodies, and church members, will foster a safe and respectful workplace for all.

Handbook resources and DVD were available to those who attended your Presbytery training workshop in 2014. If you were unable to attend, your Presbytery Secretary has copies of the resources for you to pick up at a Presbytery meeting. Please see the PowerPoint slide show (link below) to help you work through your resources. Due to copyright restrictions, the DVD cannot be made available online.

Below are Resources regarding Bill 168.

Letter to Pastoral Charges:

Pastoral Charge Letter Bill 168_PDF

Pastoral Charge Letter Bill 168_Word 97

Bill 168: Questions to Encourage Dialogue:

Bill 168 Questions_Word 97

Bill 168 Questions_PDF

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide:

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide _word 97

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide _PDF

New! PowerPoint Presentation for Bill 168 Training on Violence and Harassment in the Workplace for Churches

 PowerPoint Presentation

Holy Manners:

Holy Manners_ Word 97

Holy Manners_PDF

Preventing & Responding to Incidents Check List:

Bill 168 Check List _Word 97

Bill 168 Check List _PDF

Sample Workplace Risk Assessment Template:

Bill 168 Risk Assessment Template_Word 97

Bill 168 Risk Assessment Template_PDF

Bill 168 Policies Template:

3 Template policies_Word 97

3 Template policies_PDF

Dealing with Complaints

How to Make a Complaint:

Word 97


Congregational/Ministry Responsibilities Regarding Compliance:

Word 97


How Will a Complaint be Handled by the Church?

Word 97


Web Link Resources for Bill 168:

Web Link Resources for Bill 168_Word

Web Link Resources for Bill 168_PDF