The Hamilton Conference Pastoral Care Team exists to respond to the need for pastoral care for ministry personnel and their families.

The pastoral care that the team provides is confidential and is shaped to meet a variety of concerns and situations, including:

  • support and encouragement during the stress and loss which so often accompanies life’s major crises; i.e. bereavement, illness and other changes of circumstances
  • a sounding board for those with major decisions to make around the evolution of their call in ministry, the stress involved in giving or supporting leadership and other issues
  • a ‘hearing ear’ when persons may feel that they have been abused in any way by those holding power in certain situations
  • direction to the various resources that are available when a person is searching for new or long term personal guidance
  • aid in sorting out the confusion surrounding the changing roles at various stages of life; i.e. moving from active ministry to retirement or when ministry personnel and their families settle into a new or unexpected pastoral situation.

When such life or faith struggles emerge, many find comfort in having a companion who is safe, non-judgmental and empathic. Such a companion may be a pastoral care provider: one called to an incarnational ministry of “being Christ” with another — even through times when God seems absent, distant or hostile.

The Conference Pastoral Care Team seeks to offer a ‘ministry of presence’, working within the context of presbytery to develop what would be the most helpful way to provide pastoral care to ministry personnel and their families.

While members of the Pastoral Care Team are located in each of the presbyteries, they are accountable to the Conference and do not give detailed reporting to the presbytery. They are also available to those outside their presbytery who may feel more comfortable approaching someone beyond the bounds of their own presbytery.

Anyone seeking pastoral care may do so by contacting a member of the team directly or, if they wish, by going through the Team Coordinator. Any contact with a member of the team or the Coordinator will be kept in strictest confidence.

Please feel free to call upon any member of the team.

Bruce Presbytery:

Gerry Hofstetter (OM): 519-797- 3495 or [email protected]

Ralph Schmidt (OM): 519-363-9203 or cell phone (call or text) at 226-668-3841.

Micol Cottrell (OM): 226-230-2424 or [email protected]

Erie Presbytery:

Judy Barker (OM): 519-426-3561 ext. 286.

Lee Haughton (OM): 519-623-7812.

Halton Presbytery:

Martha Reynolds (OM): 289-684-2845 (cell) and [email protected]

Hamilton Presbytery:

Lee Claus (OM): 905-574-0655 or [email protected]

Robin Wilkie (OM): 905-870-0314 or [email protected]

Niagara Presbytery:

Cathie Ellarby (OM): 905-374-1414 or [email protected]

Ron Pocklington (OM): 905-309-1241 or at [email protected]

Waterloo Presbytery:

John Lougheed (OM): 519-575-3689 (voicemail, no text) or [email protected]

Gaylyn McLean (OM): 905-867-9614, or at [email protected]


Printable Pastoral Care Team Brochure

A brochure about the Hamilton Conference Pastoral Care Team.