In November 2013, The Ministry of Labour (MOL) announced that they will begin enforcing mandatory training for ALL supervisors and workers effective July 1, 2014. This mandatory training falls under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation 297/13. As an employer, The United Church of Canada is required to adhere to such legislation. More information is available on the MOL website: All supervisors and workers are required to complete a training module. This applies to all congregations/ministries that have any employees.

Hamilton Conference Office opted to use an e-learning module provided by the Ministry of Labour. There is also a workbook that can alternatively be used. Both are available on the Ministry of Labour website: Pastoral Charges should designate a supervisor to complete the supervisor training. All employees will be required to complete the worker training.

Ministry and Personnel Committees are required to demonstrate that all employees have completed this training. Therefore, once an employee has completed the on-line training he or she should print a copy of the certificate that is issued.