Diane BlanchardPersonnel Minister:

Diane comes to this role from many years of experience in serving the church as a minister as well as working in presbyteries and Conferences as a volunteer. Prior to becoming a minister, Diane served with the United Church in Zambia as a teacher. Her background in pastoral ministry and training as a pastoral counsellor make her sensitive to the events that can happen in the lives of ministry personnel as well as to crises in pastoral charges and presbyteries.

Diane is committed to providing vocational support for ministry personnel and to the church’s network which recruits, trains, places, and sustains leadership within pastoral relationships. Diane provides staff support for the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education, Interview Board, Education and Students, Internship and Educational Supervision, Pensions and Benefits and Settlement Committees. Diane is the contact person for complaints under the Sexual Misconduct Policy and she offers leadership with the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Committee in raising awareness about maintaining good boundaries and providing safe community. She answers questions about the standing of ministry personnel and steers people through policies and procedures as needed. Diane is also Persistent Friend to Hamilton Presbytery.

E-mail: [email protected]