In Canada copyright law is a federal matter governed by the Canadian government; Canadian copyright law is found in The Copyright Act. Copyright law applies to churches! Some particular needs of churches are recognized explicitly in law, but in general the same rules apply to churches as to anyone else. Churches need permission to photocopy, reproduce in bulletins, project onto a screen, show a video clip or movie, record hymns during worship services, etc.

A Copyright Guide for Congregations is available on the United Church of Canada Website: In Hamilton Conference copyright questions can be directed to: [email protected] or [email protected].

Below are some other resources:


Copyright and Your Church

Important information about how churches can print, distribute, record, and perform music and worship material legally.

Navigating Creative Commons Licensing

A brochure on how to understand creative Commons (CC) rights on original works as users and as creators.

Toward Daring Discipleship – Image Sources

September 2013: On-line sources for FREE general images, slides, power-points, wordclouds, and motion backgrounds. A brochure from the desk of Lorna MacQueen, Conference Minister – Faith Formation for Discipleship. For church leadership.

Copyright and Broadcasting Issues – Port Elgin United Church

A document reflecting research one congregation did on copyright legislation and what licences best meet their needs. (Provided for reference only.)