Archives & Records Committee of Hamilton Conference

The Archives & Records Committee’s mandate is to encourage Congregations and Presbyteries to care for their important records in the best possible manner. This committee has the following responsibilities:

  • to provide advice to Archives Committees at the Pastoral Charge and Presbytery levels
  • to inform Pastoral Charges of their responsibility, as per The Manual, to deposit records at the Conferences Archives in Toronto
  • to assist Pastoral Charges who have questions and concerns about archives and records
  • to plan special events from time to time for ministry personnel and lay people on archives and record keeping
  • to prepare a budget for the Committee
  • to review minute books of the Presbyteries

There are a number of guidelines and forms below which will assist your congregation in proper archival practices. For additional information, or questions about any of the forms or processes, please contact your Presbytery Representative or any member of the Archives Committee.

United Church of Canada Archives

The United Church of Canada Archives is located at 40 Oak Street (map), in the Toronto Christian Resource Centre and also houses the archives of the five Ontario Conferences, including London Conference.

For more information or questions about documents please contact the Central Ontario Conference Archivist at 1-416-231-7680 ext 1104 , or Toll-free: 1-800-268-3781 ext. 1104

Archives & Records Committee Members

  • CHAIR & BRUCE REP: Rod Coates
  • ERIE REP:  Bob Stevenson
  • HALTON REP: Mary Speck
  • HAMILTON REP:  Hugh Tope
  • NIAGARA REP: Bert Durst (Niagara)
  • WATERLOO REP:  Betty Hofer
  • UCW CONVENOR:  Joyce Osborne
  • MEMBERS AT LARGE: Gail Rhodey (Waterloo)

Archives Reference Documents

Choose the form you require and click on it to download:

Guidelines for Understanding & Maintaining Records

What Do the Archives Want? A Basic Guide for Congregations

Sample Records Schedule: Congregations

Guidelines for minutes and notes of meetings

Guidelines for the Content of Presbytery Meeting Minutes

Archives Transfer Form

Historic Roll Guidelines

Historic Roll FAQ’s